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Furnace Maintenance & Tune-Up in San Jose, Santa Clara, Walnut Creek, CA and Surrounding Areas

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A furnace breakdown, especially during the cold months, is not a pleasant experience. To prevent it, you need to implement regular Furnace Maintenance & Tune-Up in San Jose, Santa Clara, Walnut Creek, CA.

At Gmsphere Air, we understand how important a furnace is to a home. That is why we offer fast and reliable Furnace Maintenance & Tune-Up in San Jose, Santa Clara, Walnut Creek, CA, and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to have your furnace running optimally when you need it the most. Like these reviews suggest, we are good at what we do.

The Importance Of Furnace Maintenance & Tune-Up in San Jose, Santa Clara, Walnut Creek, CA

We provide annual furnace tune-up and furnace repairs on as per needed basis. Sadly, waiting until your furnace breaks down is not a good strategy. Here are some of the reasons you need routine furnace tune-up.

  • Energy efficiency. During the tune-up, the furnace is cleaned and repaired. The Gmsphere Air team leaves it optimally functioning, and thus energy efficient.
  • Prevent furnace breakdown. During the inspection, the team will identify and correct small problems that would result in major breakdowns if not corrected. 90% of customers who call us with major furnace breakdowns do not have furnace maintenance plans.
  • Increased comfort. Dirt buildup decreases the heating capability of the furnace. After the furnace is cleaned, the furnace is back to maximum heating capacity. Also, air quality improves because of clean filters.
  • Furnace durability. Good maintenance makes the furnace last a long time.

What a furnace tune-up involves

We provide a very thorough furnace inspection and tune up. The team of technicians we send to your home will do the following:

  • Perform a complete furnace inspection. We check that all components for wear and tear.
  • Lubricate the mechanical components of the furnace.
  • Evaluate the ignition and check the gas pressure. We make the necessary adjustments to match the factory settings.
  • Replace the furnace filters. Filters should be changed every three months.
  • Provide a written assessment. After analyzing the furnace, we provide a written assessment with our professional recommendations.

Furnace Maintenance

An annual furnace tune-up is not the only thing needed to make sure the furnace is optimally functioning all year. There are certain things homeowners can do to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of a furnace and ensure its safety.

  • Change filters regularly because dirty filters block air flow resulting in inefficiency
  • Secure all access panels by tightening the screws
  • Set the thermostat to heating mode, otherwise, the furnace will not heat your home
  • Do not put flammable items near the furnace

Furnace Inspection And Furnace Warranty

Did you know that if you do not clean your furnace once a year you will lose warranty coverage? Manufacturers know that poor maintenance causes damages in the components of the furnace. Lack of annual cleanings will void the warranty.

When To Schedule Furnace Tune-Up

We conduct furnace tune-up all through the year. You heavily use the furnace during winter. So, the best time to schedule an annual inspection is during fall – before winter begins. During that time, we receive calls from many customers requesting furnace tune-up and repair services. Therefore, talk to us today about subscribing to a furnace maintenance plan.

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Your comfort during winter and the lifespan of your furnace heavily depend on how well you maintain it. Contact us today for Furnace Maintenance & Tune-Up in Morgan Hill, San Jose & Los Gatos, CA and surrounding areas. You can reach us via phone on 408-364-5927, or request a quote here.